Migrate ONLY Users and User Data

Is there a way to migrate only the Users and User information from one Elgg installation to a new Elgg installation?

I had several plugins with 1.6.1.  Ever since the update to 1.7.1 my site is a nitemare.  A fresh install of 1.7.1 with users and user data is needed.  Leaving plugins at a minimal until the community catches up with the changes needed for 1.7 compatibility.

  • Why not turn off the plugins causing the problem?

    A little too late for you, but I wrote up an upgrade guide here: http://community.elgg.org/mod/groups/topicposts.php?topic=408195&group_guid=212067

    That guide will be mobed to the Elgg wiki when I get the time.

  • This could be a smooth process or get tricky -- you've spelt out User "Info" as well as User "Data".. implying the DataDir. The effort required will depend on the size of your database. I've done several such offloads/reloads for clients. First time, it took abt 4 hours because there was some messy corrupt junk in the database (11000 users) that needed to be filtered out as we met staggered errors. The biggest migrate took abt 3 hrs (29000 users) .. after 2 weeks of preparation - but that was a 100% move - users, database, all.. abt 15+GB ;-)