LifeStream / aggregation


What I'd like to see is the possibility to have a Lifestream-Plugin like friendfeed does or WP-LifeStream for WordPress.

It gives the user the possibility to enter some account data form various web 2.0-services like Google Reader, delicious ... or just paste generic rss-links. The aggregated information will be streamd in the river/activity or in a seperate widget.

Does anyone here has the same needs or is willing to develop this? Maybe we also could extend some existing plugins like simplepie RSS ...

  • Am I the only one looking for stuff like this ? :-( 

  • you probably are ;-) but isn't the idea of "life-streams" rather old ? if you're already using the features built into elgg.. then you already have that ability to create your life-stream and if you're silly enough to also prowl on other social networks, such as facebook, myspace, etc, then you should be able to use the feed aggregators to pull in your content and collate into elgg.. unless.. maybe.. you want to re-code wp-stream as an elgg plugin, which should not be that difficult, except for the custom database stores it uses.

  • I'm no coder, so i don't have this option :-( 

    I think for educational uses (and elgg is used in this context) it would be great to have a lifestream. So i could aggregate my delicious bookmarks or delicious bookmarks with tag xyz or i can aggregate all starred articles from Google Reader ... and so on.

  • hmm ;-) i am not 100% familiar with all the current elgg plugins which might deliver this sort of functionlity to aggregate, collate and thence give you your "life-stream".. i presume that you do understand the term "life-stream" and where it came from since the 1990's and the current context for "life-streaming". as i said earlier above.. why fool around with all the different sites ? just use the one site (elgg-based) and create your life-stream there ;-) if you want to pull other people's content into elgg - then it becomes no longer your life-stream, but a mashup of general/ related content...

  • i don't want just my lifestream...

    im currently working on a project to set up a knowledgecommunity for universtiy staff. therefore it would be great, if everyone could enter some web 2.0 account infos and then the content will be shown in the river and in a widget on profile page like mentioned here: