Trying to understand how JQurey plugins are added

Ok after a bit of reading I see that jqurey in built into the core of elgg, but am I right when thinking that a jquery plugin would have to be added in a venders folder of a plugin I am trying to write? Also if the jquery plugin has css code attached to it will I need to create a css.php file for this?  

  • I think JQuery is loaded by default through the header -- views/default/page_elements/header.php.  So all "regular" pages would have JQuery access.

  • Yes thats what I have read, but what I am trying to figure out how to use is additional plugins that have been written for jquery.


  • Thanks Cash its a good example to get me started,,, lol although I'm sure I'll have more questions in a few days.

    I'm working on a marquee plugin which will allow business profile users (ie. Biker Bars or Motorcycle shops to scroll Drink specials, upcoming  Bands, or monthly specials on thier profiles) and I had it working,,,, working great lol only it would only work for IE,,,, I'm sure you know the reason so now I'm having to rewrite some stuff using java , And if I was losted when I started this project using php, I am really losted incorperating java ,,, but I'm getting there little by little .

    Thanks for all the help everyone.

  • I assume when you say java you mean javascript?  I'm not sure why you would need to incorporate java into a php website just for a marquee?

  • yes it is javascript and I'm just feeling my way through a new type of programing for me, and suggestions would be a help lol