Full Root VPS Plans

Has anyone used the VPS plans of Full Root ?

They provide VPS plans just for $3.99/month.

Specifications :


So, what do you think? Should I buy it?

  • A webserver with 256Mb of RAM? Sounds crazy to me. I'm not even sure that would work as a demo machine, never mind a real Elgg server.

  • oki ;- ) here's my 3 cents' worth.. as i posted on other thread.. *shared hosting or to speak in terms of $/month hosting costs --> $5/mnth means abt up to 1000 registered users but only abt 5 - 10 concurrent online users; $20/mnth means abt 5000 registered w/ abt 20 - 40 concurrent onlines; my own experience with $8/mnth (HostMonster/ BlueHost) hosting ? I just killed that in order to move all my trivial elgg, joomla, dolphin static and database-heavy test and commercial webstuff to a yet another real dedicated linux box. Some of the advertised ISPs, e.g. Arvixe, Blue/HM, HostGator, DreamHost.. seem to have somewhat reasonable shared serviced as long as your Elgg-based site stays within the lower numbers boundaries mentioned above.

  • With such low numbers, I think I'll go back to running a forum like application and build a psuedo community that way. I just wrote a "stress test" application in perl and the results failed terribly. Time to invest my time in other areas.  Too many bottlenecks in this code. I know its free and I am free to write my own.. It just sucks that I have been captured by this never-ending *what and see what it does in the next version* that two good years have past me by... The number of NEW users increase as well as the number of *former* users. :(

  • Ok, I get it now ... you mean rather than investing time and money for this VPS, it would be better to go for a shared-host, as I won't be expecting a large number of users at the begining.

  • @SM

    mi a amigo ;-)

    Arvixe, Blue/HM, HostGator, DreamHost.. etc seem oki for small scales elgg hosting.. if you expect very high scalability.. yew should look at more expensive solutions....

  • OK thanks, Dhruva!

    By the way, what does mi a amigo mean?