There's no public access option anymore

I did not install any access mod, but there are only "private, friends, group A, group B, ..." in access control, pubilc option is disappear.

Anyone can give me some clues?

  • Sometime in the 1.7 dev branch there was a schema problem where a fresh installation didn't have the correct auto increment id for access_collections.  Did you happen to use a development version to do the initial installation on your server?

  • yeah, Brett. I have installed 1.7a on server a while.

    I guess change the id number is not solution. (I tried) so... How to repair them?

  • Alright...that's definitely the problem.

    The easiest fix for this will be to remove the the entries for 1 and 2 and append them to the end with new IDs. You'll then need to update the group entities' metadata group_acl to the new IDs and also update all entries in access_collection_membership where membership is 1 or 2 to point to the new IDs.

  • There are no "access_collection_id" entry in the "group entities' metadata group_acl" or others similar tables on my server DB. Maybe reinstall the newest stable elgg is easy and fast solution. (this site was not in public yet)

    Thanks Cash and Brett helps.

  • Metadata isn't stored in flat DB tables--it's a bit complicated.

    If you don't have data you want to preserve then it is definitely easier to reinstall!