There's no public access option anymore

I did not install any access mod, but there are only "private, friends, group A, group B, ..." in access control, pubilc option is disappear.

Anyone can give me some clues?

  • even “logged-in” option is disappear too.

    somebody help me :-<

  • If disabled the groups plugin, that two options are appear.
    Is it five access options limited ?

  • There is no limit. It works fine for me on a clean install of 1.7.1. Maybe disable your third party plugins and see if the problem goes away?

  • I disabled all plugins, and enable them one by one. (from top to bottom and from bottom to top)
    When enable the groups plugin, problem arises.

    This is Elgg diagnostics test result:

    Fail: /public_html/engine/tests/api/entity_getter_functions.php -> ElggCoreEntityGetterFunctionsTest -> testElggApiGettersEntityNoSubtype -> Identical expectation [String: 153] fails with [String: 132] at character 1 with [153] and [132] at [/public_html/engine/tests/api/entity_getter_functions.php line 861]
    9/9 test cases complete: 338 passes, 1 fails and 0 exceptions.


  • Have you modified the groups plugin code at all? You might try copying the original code over again to make sure.

  • Oh and the failure is likely due to a bug in the test rather than a bug in the core code. I'll report it to the bug tracker.

  • I put all mod folder to a local clean install 1.7.1, active them, it works fine. and I didn't do any modify  outside the mod folder.
    Is that Database problem?

  • You could try copying all the original core Elgg code over again. I cannot think of a way that something in the database could cause this.

  • I recover all core files without settings file, problem is not resolved.

    And I found a little bit different in "elgg_access_collections" table between local DB and server DB

    local DB (fine):
    id      name    ower_guid     site_guid
    3      Group:A        2                 1
    4      Group:B        2                 1

    server DB (not fine):
    id      name    ower_guid     site_guid
    1      Group:A        2                 1
    2      Group:B        2                 1
    3      Group:C        2                 1

    The id 1&2 will be reserved where in a clean 1.7.1, may be it's a upgrade mistake?

  • that would cause this problem