Problem: Huge amount of disk space is being used by elgg


I am having problem with elgg;

previously i was using a paid social networking script, but now i have moved to elgg.

The problem is that in past my diskspace was used to max 3gb in one year.

but on elgg my diskspace is used more than 6gb in only 2 months.

I think there is some cron or corn jobs issue.

please help me in this regard

really worried about extra diskspace expenses.


  • That's a lot of data. The only storage space Elgg needs is for files uploaded by users. Unless you have a very large user base, I have a hard time seeing how you could use 6 GB.

  • i knw ..

    this is really a problem for me

    but i can manage for the time being as i am having my own server

    but cant manage for long specially when data is increasing this way.


    and users haven't uploaded much ... not data more than 500mb

    please help.

  • @"Safe"

    Post some list showing **breakdowns that total up to 6GB and then maybe someone can make some intelligent comments and help you out ;-)


  • you don't say what version you are using

    could be log files etc we have all cron  turned off from experience


  • What linux you use . Or you use Windows

    Try also to look inside /var/logs/cron

    Also there many utils for clean logs for Linux 

  • Hi

    Thanks for your replies

    that problem is still growing


    I am using LINUX and my Elgg version is: Release - 1.7, Version - 2010030101

    Please if you could tell me how to clean logs for linux?

    As there is no file uploaded to my website that can occupie 6653.42MB of disk space.

  • could be a monster error log in the database, should probaby check their first

  • can u please explain a bit simply?

    so that i can really be able to remove that error !

  • I have tried to repair and optimize the database tables through phpmyadmin

    and it showed the following errors


    ---The storage engine for the table doesn't support repair

    ---The storage engine for the table doesn't support repair

    ---The storage engine for the table doesn't support repair

  • In the datbase you created for your elgg installation, there is an error log, you can check to see if there is anyhting being written to create errors, sometimes with a wacky plugin or a misconfigutration this log can grow very large very quick.  May be best if your not comfortable to ask your host to look at it for you.