Where can you buy the book????

LMFAO yeah I need one of those "ELGG for Dummys" books grin. just spent the past couple months hacking the community stuff to get things working the way I want them to and now its time to start writing some plugins of my own..... joy, joy, joy, Dr D and company I hope I don't worry you all too much but I will be asking questions... BTW I do read the documentations but alot of it is conflicting and/or has nothing to to do with what I am trying to do so asking questions is just my way of clarifing stuff, you know.

So for my first question of many to come if I want a widget / plugin to display text that a user inputs where can I get some ideas about how to handle this? I believe I will have to build an edit.php in a views file but I'm kinda lost about how to handle this. if any of you could give me some example pluging to review it would be a big help.

Mucho Thanks for all that are pointing me in the right direction!