Upgrading from 1.5 to 1.7 - 2 errors :(


I've got a lot o trouble when trying to upgrade elgg from 1.5 to 1.7

1. Afeter uploading files (1.7) to 1.5 and running upgrade.php, there is a elgg logo on the center of the screen and after some time I've got 500 server error.... 

2. I've lost polish national signs in 1.7. MySQL backup application I use is 100% transparent, so the problem is in elgg.

I really need help :(((

Is there anybody who can solve my problems?

How long update should take? (I mean time from start upgrade.php to end)

(sorry for my english ;))

  • During this instant tryes of success upgrade, now I have another problem - after database import to test site there are only small amount of data - there are no blogs, pictures, albums, groups, but i see members and tags. Do you know how to fix it? And another question - could this be caused by error in elgg data folder? Is there any connection between blogs and elgg data folder? 

  • blogs are stored in the database, the data folders are just for pictures, uploaded files by users, etc.

  • @mostekkk - what did you change with Elgg 1.5 to get the Polish characters to work?


  • Polish characters in elgg 1.5 worked fine from the beginning without any modyfication. I only uploaded polish tranlation files for plugins.

    After upgrade to 1.7.1 I've lost polish signs in all content taken from the database :(

  • @mostekkk - can you post your mysql configuration here?

    Also, could you try another upgrade on a test site from 1.5? This time delete the file engine/lib/upgrades/2010033101.php before doing the upgrade.


  • @mostekkk - can you post your mysql configuration here?

    I only have access to my MySQL by phpMyAdmin. In with form would you like? How to do this using only phpMyAdmin?

    Regarding to another upgrade - should I delete this file from elgg 1.5 files or 1.7.1 files? I uderstand, that upgrade.php should be started after deleting this file?

  • 1. Try running this file and pasting the results here: http://trac.elgg.org/attachment/ticket/1928/utf8_test.php It should provide many of the needed configuration variables.

    2. for the upgrade test, copy over 1.7.1 files, delete that one file, and then run the upgrade

  • 1. There it is:

    array(2) { ["Variable_name"]=> string(20) "character_set_client" ["Value"]=> string(6) "latin2" } array(2) { ["Variable_name"]=> string(24) "character_set_connection" ["Value"]=> string(6) "latin2" } array(2) { ["Variable_name"]=> string(22) "character_set_database" ["Value"]=> string(6) "latin2" } array(2) { ["Variable_name"]=> string(24) "character_set_filesystem" ["Value"]=> string(6) "binary" } array(2) { ["Variable_name"]=> string(21) "character_set_results" ["Value"]=> string(6) "latin2" } array(2) { ["Variable_name"]=> string(20) "character_set_server" ["Value"]=> string(6) "latin2" } array(2) { ["Variable_name"]=> string(20) "character_set_system" ["Value"]=> string(4) "utf8" } array(2) { ["Variable_name"]=> string(18) "character_sets_dir" ["Value"]=> string(35) "/home/mysql50/share/mysql/charsets/" }

    2. ok - but i have to wait for my hosting operator for doing backup :(
    in meantime - what this operation will change?

  • One more question - did upgrade.php (1.7.1) changes anything in elgg data folder?

  • Deleting that file skips the utf8 conversion since it looks like your data is already utf8 in your database.

    The 1.7/1.7.1 upgrade changes the directory structure in the data folder.