Hosting elgg with 1000 active users?

Hi All

I wonder if anyone has experience of hosting an elgg instance of up to 1000 active users.

We were trying to estimate the costs of doing so, we'd be running a few mods that encourage user interaction, page refreshes etc.

Does anyone have a ballpark of what it might cost e.g. would an amazon small instance possibly cover it, or a basic VPS.  Would I be right to guess it under $50 a month?  

If anyone has some experience with larger communities, I'd love to know some rough costs, and how they scale.  Or maybe even the costs of itself, if anyone knows ...



  • What about hosting here only 9,95 if you pay for 2 years

    You can chat with them and ask about your requirments.

  • Active users is a slippery term. Do you mean 1,000 people using Elgg at the same time?

    You also need to consider usage patterns. If you have a lot of RSS users, that puts a lot more strain on your server due to the constant loading. If you want to use real-time applications - chat, ajax refreshes - again, that adds a lot more load.

  • 1000 users registered = aprox max 5 online = $ 20/month

    1000 users online = $1000/ month dedicated boxe(s) plus mysql and server guru

    ask Dhruva he is the expert on this

  • It would be a normal elgg install but we want to build a 'predictions market' plugin.

    So that would mean people checking the markets, refreshing etc.  Not that sure what % would be actively using at any one time ... maybe 10-20%  so 100-200 ...

    Hope that gives a bit more background ... the tempting solution is pay as you go with amazon ....

  • maybe you can give cloud servers a try? either go by monthly or pay as you go.

    Pricing for Cloud Server starts at $10.95 per month or 1.5¢ per hour plus bandwidth. Since you can pay by the hour, it's really easy and affordable to spin up a new Cloud Server when you need the additional cloud computing power for testing or development–and then simply remove it when you're done.

  • We run a couple of sites with very heavy RSS, Ajax, and polling data load, with 12,000 and 4,000 users respectively. This runs fine on both Rackspace dedicated host @ about £400/month and WebFusion @ about £250. Concurrent users are typically in the 20-50 range. The heaviest loads we encounter are when we are being spidered by the search engines, with around 4 million pages of content.

    I think the sort of scale you are talking about would work fine on an inexpensive shared host- main issue is the SLA's and support standards you require, rather than the technical 

  • 10-20% online at the same time is an extremely high percentage. We tend to max out around 5% and as an intranet site I'd expect our percentages to be higher than a internet site.

  • I have around a 1000 registrered users, and see 5-10% online at the same time. I have quite a few plugins enabled, including auto refresh of the river and an ajax chat.

    A VPS came up short on this, so we moved to a dedicated server with Core i7 and 8GB RAM - now everything runs smooth and fast.

  • We all hope to get busier, so this is a VERY helpful thread! Thanks for the input from the guys with experience.