3 specific (simple) questions.

(...and 1 bonus question!)

Hi all, thnx for checking out this post.

I am using elgg 1.6 and the vazco_mainpage mod (among others).

I have questions about where to find the following attributes in order to change their color.


no. 1: The border that used to be here (but is inadvertently blended into the bckgrnd), where do I find its color attributes?

no. 2: The background here that is white, where can I go to change the color for the bckgrnd of this widget and all the rest?

no. 3: The header here, it's diffrent from the "videos" header. I had the videos header displaying an image before (a slick looking bar), where can I change the headers for the widgets on the left pane?

no. 4: The background here, it used to be white (like the default elgg theme), I've inadvertently changed it, where are its color attributes?

So to sum up, I just need to know where and what to edit to change the colors of the things with arrows pointing at them. Thnx in advance for any and all help.