All Wire posts - offset doesn't work; works fine for individuals

When viewing the Wire for everyone, you can't scroll back -- clicking on Next, or 2, or 3, or 4, has no effect.  This works fine when looking at your own wire posts, but won't work for everyone.  Anyone know why?

Running Elgg 1.7 --

Thanks very much!

  • These are issues which have been fixed in 1.7.1 , 1.7.1 isnt released yet, so for the time being you've a choice:

    1.. live with it & wait for 1.7.1 to be released, theres another 65 issues it fixes as well.

    2.. Check out the closed tickets in 1.7.1 trac and fix the code yourself, the changes your after are here

    There also issues with most of the other modules which feature pagination, Blogs, groups etc...