How to remove the Email:not validated

I have manually added, and validated several users - they can romp and play on the site, but Site Access carries them in the "Emails not validated"  category.   I would like to be able to remove that..

I mistakenly thought clicking on the "Delete" that appears on that page would delete the 'waiting for email'..  Boy!.. did I blow it...   I had to manually re-enter and validate each of them all over again.


  • there is a plugin: simple user management, for to validate or remove users that have not validated their emails:

    may be it will be usefull for you..

  • Thank you Severin,  however, that only gave me an Admin menu selection that looked for users that needed to be validated.   

      What is happening is that I have created, and validated users, but the Site Access plugin still shows them as not having answered their emails.. With no way to 'remove that flag'..

  • Edward, you can run this command on each of those users:

    create_metadata($user_guid, 'validated_email', true,'', 0, ACCESS_PUBLIC);

  • Thank you Vazco & Severin, for weighing on this this topic.   Perhaps it'll give food for a mod of the siteaccess plugin.   Instead of a 'delete' button there, someone could put a 'remove flag' button instead and have it just remove the 'validated email' flag from the user instead.


  • Hi Mike (vazco),

    How do I run the above command on each user?

    Hope it worked for Edward


  • @puthen: this thread is very old. In the meantime Elgg has the option to administrate inactive accounts in the admin section. You can activate or delete inactive user accounts either each on its own or all in one go. Just check out the user administration section in your Elgg site.

  • Hi iionly,


    I don't want to delete the users but only the list of users shown as not validated their emails under site access menu.

    I have validated all users  as admin so I want to remove the list hanging under email not validated users.

  • Such an o-l-d topic ;-)and ShellCode has moved on to somewhere else and most likely won't have time to even login here @Elgg ;-( The problem sounds like one that was discussed a l-o-n-g time ago.. surprised !

    " How do I run the above command on each user ? " -- write the PHP code wrapper to run against each user :-

        create_metadata($user_guid, 'validated_email', true,'', 0, ACCESS_PUBLIC);

    Basically - need to write some extra code to do that - unfortunately there's no Admin 'click-here' link in Elgg that will write the PHP code..


  • $users = elgg_get_entities(array('type' => 'user', 'offset' => $offset, 'limit' => $limit));
    foreach ($users as $user){
    create_metadata($user->guid, 'validated_email', true,'', 0, ACCESS_PUBLIC,false);

    If you have a lot of users and you are on a shared host, you wont be able to run it in a single step.

  • Thanks,

    So I need to create a new php page to run the above command!

    can i run an sql quary  against any elgg tables as a one time measure?