Elgg Sites

Can somebody explain me, what is the purpose of elgg Sites, I have been reading the elgg documentation, i understood the purpose for entity, user,group and object... explanation is clear enough. But i think, it isn't too clear for elggsites. I mean, i would like know how i can use it... or read something where the explanation about it is clear enough.



  • erm... maybe you could clarify your question?  The first thing that comes to my mind is the huge orange print on the homepage:

    A powerful open source

    social networking platform

  • I mean, i want to know a better and more complete description about elggsite object. I would like to know about  examples for use it in plugins development (something that already has been developed and use this feature in its implementation). 

    am I clear enough?



  • I think so, do you mean you would like to see an empty plugin file to see how its structured?

    I found the Docs link helpful in this regard, particularly this bit of info:

    View overloading
    Plugins can have a view hierarchy, any file that exists here will replace any files in the existing core view hierarchy... so for example, if my plugin has a file:


    it will replace:


    But crucially, only when the plugin is active.

    This gives you total control over the way elgg looks and behaves. It gives you the option to either slightly modify or totally replace existing views.


    Hope that helps.