search page is empty

if you reach the search page  site/pg/search/

elgg return an empty page  

i have made some change to pg/serarch/index.php to have a search box on the page

here it is  starting line 73  until  EOF


if (!empty($tag)) {

$body = "";

$body .= elgg_view_title($title); // elgg_view_title(sprintf(elgg_echo('searchtitle'),$tag));

$body .= trigger_plugin_hook('search','',$tag,"");

$body .= elgg_view('search/startblurb',array('tag' => $tag));

$body .= list_entities_from_metadata($md_type, elgg_strtolower($tag), $objecttype, $subtype, $owner_guid_array, 10, false, false);

$body = elgg_view_layout('two_column_left_sidebar','',$body);

//here start the hack but i included the if so you understand the else

}else{$body= ("<div  class='index_box' style='margin:100px;width:550px;'><table><tr><td><h2>Search in Mybook&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</h2></td><td><form  action='http://yoursite/pg/search/' method='get'> <input style='width:210px; height:20px;' onclick='if (this.value=='Search') { this.value='' }' name='tag' size='210' type='text' value='Search' /> <input class='search_submit_button' type='submit' value='Go' /> </form></td></tr></table></div>");}

//end of the hack





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