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My Problem:

I'm running Elgg 1.6 and the Theme/Plugin BuddyTalk.  Visitors land on a main page -- the page contains the following widgets: Login & Register block (of course), Latest Groups, Newest Members, Latest Bookmarks and Latest Blog Posts.  Now I'm sure there is a way to control WHAT widgets appear on the main page, but that's not my interest.  I would like to clear the space completely (with the exception of the Login/Register block, so that I can add a welcome letter (a graphic) in the space where widgets ordinarily appear so what you would have is something like this:

I apologize for the crude illustration, I was going for simple :) I can handle this, I'm a pretty crafty fellow -- but I can't seem to find WHERE this area is controlled!  I can edit the Elgg Toolbar, easy to find.  I can change the footer.php and header.php EASY to find.  I can't find the .php file that deals with this main area content.  Is it a css.php file?  Could someone help me out a little?


Tanner Campbell


  • @Shouvrik: nice looking home page there on Clean and simple yet stylish.

    @Alan: You can also do the same trick from inside the relevant css file for the plugin. Something like:

    #this_div_wrapper #layout_header {



    So anytime the layout_header appears inside that div wrapper it wont show.

  • @Trajan: I think my issue was that I stared at the code for so long I couldn't find the right spot in the css to do the trick. LOL So just doing it in the appropriate file worked for me. I used to do nothing but css to build webpages where I could, and am self-taught in both html and css. But php is a whole new story for me.

  • @Shouvik Mukherjee: very very thank you! it works :)

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