Add URL videos from YouTube

I seem to get this error message every so often when trying add url on a youtube video.

Can't get video from the site. Site is not responding.

It seems to only happen on youtube videos. Anyone else have this issue? Did you find a way to prevent this from happening.

  • @inTheZone: Can you describe lil more about your environment. I mean which izap_videos version and which elgg version you are talking about.


  • I am using elgg 1.7 with izap_videos version 3.5. Its a linux hosted environment with php 5.2.0. 

  • @inTheZone: 

    1. Use latest version of izap_videos 3.6b version.
    2. Did you check server analysis to be sure about CURL and other important parameters are configured accordingly. Because you said, Yoube is not work and curl is the only reason i can think about.
  • I just downloaded the latest version 3.61b and put it on the site. The server analysis is showing green on all of the items. I did have another question. I have had on server video uploads off because the video uploads would not seem to make it to the server. It looked to me like some sort of upload size problem. What is the largest size that I can set the max file size to and have it still function? I have it currently set to 20MB.

  • File size of videos is limited by upload size limits on the server (php.ini, htaccess). Much larger files than 20 MB are possible. I've tested up to 200 MB without problems. But it all depends on what is allowed on your server. You may start with a smaller file for testing nonetheless. If smaller files work without problems but larger uploads fail it surely is caused by upload limits defined in php.ini or htaccess.

  • This happens when youtube is over it's limit,it's not your site