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I am trying to figure out how to get access to the data that is stored from the registration process through a custom registration form using this plugin. I see the data in the database, but I did not see a way for the user to modify this data after registration. Also, is there a way to get this data on the users default profile page? I see the data under the extended profile page when I create a user profile form. 

I saw an earlier post where someone appears to have accomplished this, but there was no real description on how that happened. It feels like I am missing something real simple here. 

  • Thanks Kevin. My problem was that my flexprofile plugin were before the profile plugin. After I fixed that everything worked and made sense. I saw that the profile can edit those registration form info under the edit profile button now.

  • Is there anyway to edit the other profile details? The customized profile data seems to have replaced the default profile details like website and about me.

  • Add fields with the same name and type and everything will work as before.

  • That worked well. Thanks for the help!

  • I'm having trouble with something on my site now. When selecting the "Primary Profile Column", I'd like certain fields on the left, and others on the right. Given the 4 options of "left, right, bottom, or no", when I choose left, it appears on the left, when I choose bottom, it appears on the bottom, when I choose no, it doesn't show up, but when I choose Right - it doesn't show up either.

    Is there something I'm doing wrong for it not to show up on the right side of the profile? Something I have enabled, or haven't disabled?

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