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I am trying to figure out how to get access to the data that is stored from the registration process through a custom registration form using this plugin. I see the data in the database, but I did not see a way for the user to modify this data after registration. Also, is there a way to get this data on the users default profile page? I see the data under the extended profile page when I create a user profile form. 

I saw an earlier post where someone appears to have accomplished this, but there was no real description on how that happened. It feels like I am missing something real simple here. 

  • Yes, add the registration fields to your profile form and they will appear. You may need to specify where on the user profile they should be displayed (eg. right, left, bottom, none) You can do that by editing your profile form.

    Fields are independent objects and can be added to multiple forms.

  • Thanks Kevin for your response. 

    I found the configuration section under the profile form and have the option for default, default with no extended profile and tabbed. The information added to the registration form will show up under the extended profile but will not show on the default profile. Even if I change the configuration to default with no extended profile it just takes the extended profile link away and the information still does not appear. I found the information you refer to under the fields information. I have them set to invisible: no; primary profile column: right, and default access: public. 

    I also have them set to Admin only: no, but I do not see a way for the user to edit the values.

  • There's a further section (visible only when editing profile forms) that lets you edit the profile values for those fields.

  • You were asking about users editing the values - they do that on their profile form in the usual way. You just need to activate flex profile and all the values appear on the edit form.

  • Running into the same problem, editing profile fields does not yield results on the actual profile??

  • Hi Triout,

    I'm going to need more information to help.

    What do you mean by "Running into the same problem, editing profile fields does not yield results on the actual profile??".

    Make sure that the form plugin is ordered before the flexprofile plugin and that both are ordered *after* the profile plugin.


  • Thanks for the reply Kevin, I did find the problem/solution, i've tweaked my profile layout a bit and by selecting the field results to display in the "left column" they now are appearing under my actual profile.  Thanks for the sweet plugin. 

    I do have another question about the content of forms and fields being searchable. It seems no matter what type i give these new fields i'm creating(tags,long text etc), the content does not appear when i search?

  • That is due to the radically new Elgg 1.7 search system. The in-profile-link search system and custom search forms work fine (as they are provided by the plugin), just not full text search.

    Eventually I'll fix that but not right now as I have other client work to do.

  • I see.  One last thing while you're on, i have the username set to be automatically generated using the radio button you supplied in flexreg "settings"

    however it appears that new registrations still need to type in a user name? nothing seems to be automatic?  any ideas or is there something i'm missing here?

  • That bug will be fixed in the next release (due next week).

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