Audio widget

I can't get any audio widget to work with Elgg 1.7

Everything looks like ok when i click on a mp3 song i can see in status bar that data is also transforming but progress bar does not move and no sound. Zaudio works fine. I installed MyMusic but result was the same no movement of progress bar and no sound. Is this a known issue in 1.7 or other releases ?

Any help or direction will be appriciated.

  • @gachsaran, I didn't understand about which plyggin you are mentioning. There is a commercial pluggin from us which will allow you to upload mp3s and play in profile if you are intrested @ Regards, Team Webgalli

  • By Audio widget i mean aaudio-0.2 and  MyMusic. Is there anyone have luck to have aaudio in 1.7?

  • Can anybody tell me which audio widget to use in elgg 1.7.  I know there is a commercial Webgalli plauggin. Can anybody confirm that aaudio-0.2 works in Elgg 1.7. I tried but i could not get it to work.

  • it's a shame how people have to make premium plugins. i thought this was a community that seen the vision of open source, a place where the community can give back. sure you spend hours coding on it, but for what? to gain a few extra bucks? the gratitude from the community should be more than enough to compliment the hard work you put in. it's just a damn shame people having to sell out. i believe in open source.

    @gachsaran what are you trying to use that audio widget for?

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    the same guy shamelessly saying this after saying "i wouldn't mind helping but i won't tell you code by code on how to make it look like mines as i'm trying to stay unique from the rest :)" You child have no clue about Team Webgalli's contribution to the elgg! While a je*k do not even share a mere theme, how dare she/he talks like this?

    Did Team Webgalli ever denied helping? He is clear, with his business and social work...thinks should be like this.

    Dont expect too much when you can not share mare div boxes to others!

    @gachsaran, tell "what are you trying to use that audio widget for?" he's gonna make it for you, and then have courage to reply this post!

  • Thanks for all responses

    I just want a audio widget in my main page where i have a list of song and can select a song to play.

  • Hi Gachsaran,

    This may not be the answer for you - but have a look at swish. It is a very cheap alternative to flash and has a purpose built jukebox title you may be able to incorporate into your elgg site with positive results. It is ultra affordable, and I assume once your in the flash domain you may encounter few compat. problems.

    I'm about to go down this path...sort of.

  • Hi guys, I was just wondering, is it possible to have something that will create a playlist of all the mp3s uploaded on a user's profile...and while other ppl visiting that user, they will listen to all the music like a radio stream?


  • i thot aaudio did that.. tho seems to not work for v1.7 ;- (