Context question / extending the proflle context

By waya59

I was wondering if it is possible to extend the context variables from (profile, dashboard, and group) to include additional context such as profile_p and profile_b?  

What I am trying to do is play with ideas on how to assign certain widgets to some members and different widgets to others. What I am thinking is if I can assign the users to these different profile types from the input they provide for a custom profile type in profile manager, there should be a way the I can edit the add_widget_type() statement in the widgets I want to filter so that some will displayed in profile_p profile types and others will be displayed in profile_b.

Eg. add_widget_type('widget name', elgg_echo('widget name:title'), elgg_echo('widget name:description'), 'profile_p', true);


Any Ideas would be a great help, Thanks