hi there,

im new to elgg and im looking into the features that elgg has to offer. Im missing one feature in the filemanagment plugin.

Im looking for a way to add a directory structure for the files. I know i can use categories/groups to seperate files. But is there a way to get a directory structure? is there a avaliable plugin or doesnt the elgg core premits this?

  • The bundled file plugin doesn't support directories/folders and I'm not familiar with any plugin that does.  This may be a future enhancement to the files plugin, but it's not planned right now.

  • I understand completely what he is looking for, the term is called digital asset management (DAM). There are a number of open source. Brett if you look at you will see an outstanding product that could be worked modded pretty easily.


  • To add to what Brett said, the core supports directories but the file plugin does not. Tidypics is an example of a plugin that stores files in different directories (albums). A developer could extend the file plugin to do something similar.

  • chambo67, I tend to agree with you. In the discussions that I have had with my clients on digital asset management, it appears to me that the requirements go far beyond what Elgg provides or is likely to provide in the future.

    An integration with a specialised application like Razuna makes a lot of sense in my view and could be done using Elgg's login cookie for authentication.

  • I see that Razuna is based in part on CFML which seems a bit awkward for an open source app.

    But there may be others that are more appropriate to integrate.

  • Kevin, I have been dealing with DAM systems for a long time, Ill take a look at a fiew and see which one knits best with Elgg. As you say, there are a lot. The example I posted was more to give people an idea of functions that would be cool.

    DAM is a major compoment, especially for corporations and advertising agencies. I think a plugin like this would open Elgg up to a whole new user base!!

    This excites the pants of me to be honest!!

  • to give a update: Im working on a full file manager mod for elgg. It supports folders now, its like a normal file explorer with upload files/create folder options.

    Still in development. More soon, if ppl are interested

  • @elinQ - I'm sure lots of people are interested!  Can you upload your file plugin here?

  • I'm looking for this plugin for a long time !