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Hi All

Just a quick heads up that the folks at the Free Software Foundation / GNU have decided to create a distributed social networking project in PHP, officially backed by Richard Stallman and the FSF.  Matt Lee (foocorp/FSF) will be the project lead, with hopefully some developers from various GNU projects contributing.

I raised the topic of starting out by using the elgg 1.7 codebase here:


Feel free to join the discussions,  I'll update this thread with any more info that I find.


  • Working foaf would make a great improvement!  The nightlies / 1.7 branch are good to patch against.  I've finished the work I want to see for 1.7.1 and am waiting for some feedback from other people before releasing a beta.  It shouldn't change much.

    Re licensing: All bundled plugins are GPL2 only.  The core that is downloadable is GPL2 with MIT available upon request.

    I don't know offhand if you can go GPL2 -> AGPL.

Feedback and Planning

Feedback and Planning

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