Some ideas...1. Commenting on the river... and 2. Google addz!

This plugin is already doubt...

I was wondering is it ever possible

1. to add features so that the user would be able to comment right on the riverdashboard (e.g. commenting on the status..or an album) ?

2. when uploading image, if user does NOT give a name, it takes the file name in stead...and if the file name is too long... well, is it possible to define something so that it takes a default name, instead of long file name? [ I tried to do this, with my limited php programming skill...could not]

3. This is really important, how can user delete a comment appearing on river? Any known way?

4. Is it ever possible to show the riverdashboard with "Friends" [ Not "All" ] selected by default? 

          4.1. Or remove the "All" option?