messageboard on group sites

good morning :_)


if i take a look around here i see very often that the group forums are nearly empty and the messageboard is full with things that normaly should be in the forum. wouldn´t it be more usefull to deaktivate group messageboards?




  • I think it's primarily caused by the wrong sorting of Group Forums also Group's "Latest Discussions"... So it's really difficult to find anything... Eg. I found this topic only thanks to global "Latest Discussions", but tomorrow it will be lost...

  • i tihnk, it should be better to have a latest activity section than a messageboard on the groups site. 

  • maybe aanother idea, to show the latest activity overall and the latest of the groups you are a member

  • yep i agree, since the main focus of a group is its forum ^_^ the messageboard widget just makes it confusing...

  • People were getting congfused on this so I disabled message boards.  If there was just the ability to call it something else because so many people use the words "message board" for forum.  They are synonymous basically so it is confusing.  If it was just "post it notes" or "chalk board" or something like that it might make more sense to folks that are not familiar with a wall system like facebook.  If I knew more about code I would go in and call it what I would need to call it on the site I am helping get started and just call it a "kudos wall" or "congrats board" where people can congratulate the person on their profile or on the group about the latest big fish they caught.