changing the topbar

Hi I've just installed elggs, is it possible to remove the topbar and have an horizontal menu instead of a dropdown menu?

Thank you

  • Hi All,

    I had already added and tried out skotmillers canvas menu plugin and it's awesome and just what I and no doubt many others are looking for. However the only thing it leaves in my eyes, is a devoid area directly below the elgg top bar and directly above the canvas menu plugin, as shown in the image below.


    Is there a way to when this canvas menu is installed, have an easy list of things to do that's easy to follow, to get rid of the area that in effect becomes void, in my opinion that is?


  • @johnnyspade

    In your screenshot, how did you modify the section above the canvas where you have the CEIU-SEIC, the words "Member Network", and the image of the people.





  • @Tim..

    Have a look at mod/page_elements/header_contents.php... that file contains that postion of the script.