changing the topbar

Hi I've just installed elggs, is it possible to remove the topbar and have an horizontal menu instead of a dropdown menu?

Thank you

  • I'm also interested in havuing the top bar turned into a widget so count me in for a financial contribution if you can get anyone interested in coding it...

  • can you guys :-

    draw a (simple line drawing) picture or similar of what's on yr minds... i think we can supply enough code info for y'all to do under the (not so much) idiot's guides similar to what Jed has bravely  pioneered. but if you really wanna part w/ yr $$ tee hee  ;-O mssg me

  • this topBar

    | image | image | Dashboard | Tools | Settings | Log out |
    -- can be removed, but you also lose all the items under tools
    * Bookmarks * Friends * Groups * Members * Pages * Plugins & themes * Polls * The wire

    ==> so where *exactly does this go to now ? All diff pages have their own stuff on the left hand side - if that's where you want horiz menu. don't you like the pullDown topBar menu anyways ;-)


  • the big problem with elgg sites is the way the topbar hides up there as in an application in widows or mac, it is not inviting to user to click in the differnt sections and look around. it is differnt so it is somewhat disorientating for people to find their way in it.


    for example.

    when one enters a site, like the elgg community, you have a "featured groups" widget up there. ok so you can see the featured groups. but what if you want to see all the groups. you must go to tools and then click groups. this is not intuitive. it is logical once you understand how elgg functions. but i would find myself browsing the differnt groups out there much more often if there was a nice button on the start page that said "groups". even better would be to include a link to the various tools pages on each widget. so in the "featered groups" title there would be  a "groups" icon that would take you to the groups page.


    what i am saying fundamentally is that the topbar is not intuitive enough, and that much of the site goes hidden to the new user, and it is a bit confused even for the regular user.


    instead of seeing a button and on the fly making a detour to check it out, one has to premeditate what they want to see and then go and pick it out from the drop down.

  • I responded to a similar post about this earlier today. What we did on our own network was apply some CSS changes to remove the "Tools" drop down and display this menu horizontally underneath the main navigation. We also changed some of the naming conventions in the language files so the top navigatoin made more sense for our user base. If anyone would like the CSS changes, I'll be happy to document them.


  • And me aswell. Please! It would be a great help.

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  • ScotMiller's Canvas menu

    delivers pretty much this same functionality and with some style ;-O)
    Why don't y'all try it out ! ;-O

  • Yes please! It has been the most requested usability feature from the users.