Facebook Sync Connect Joint Venture

I am getting a developer to update the Facebook Sync plugin for 1.7 as to add some additional features.


If anyone is interested in sharing the cost of the plugin, can you let me know. Also, for those interested, if there are any additional mods you would like added to the plugin, can you list them here and we can go on from there.

  • I'm not sure is it good idea or not.

    Whatever user did in elgg example posted blog, events, files etc, the plugin will autoshare it to facebook. User have cp to enable or disable it.

  • i'd like for the basics to work, you know things like syncing the picture from fb to elgg and vice versa. pulling data like brief description and their about me and other fields. i'd be a happy camper :)

  • @tcherokee I would like this to work nicely.  I tested the original and there were a few issues, overall, I thought it was an excellent start, but needed some refinement.  I would like a solid straight forward functionality. 

    I'd be happy to contribute if you can give me an idea of the cost.

    There is no point in trying to replicate Facebook on elgg, but using Fb to simplify registration and to cross market to MyElgg site:

    Profile photo with fb logo on (as the other fb plugin does)

    No empty posts to the wire (which were duplicated... i.e 2 simultaneous posts)

    Better matching of profile data to standard elgg profile and ability to incorporatet into Kevin's flexprofile or Jeroen's Profile Manager.

    More transparent sign up process (existing process works, but it is difficult to understand the consequences of certain steps and is quite complex... any simplification would be appreciated)

    Only one profile to be created.

    My site to be added to users FB profile (as an app/favourite etx)

    Users Wire posts and users activity to go to Fb profile (with option to switch off/on)

    Posts to wall in Fb to be posted to the Wire on elgg site

    Fb Share button for content

    More flexible approach to Fb sync, i.e. ability to modify elgg profile without loosing all Fb stuff, and if Fb stuff modified to sync back to Fb (option yes/no)

    Any partial sign ups to be deleted so partial profiles are not created

    Any Fb sign ups seemlessly integrated with exisiting profile if it exists... i.e. check email and/or User Name and if exists, terminate Fb sign up with referral to Elgg settings and set up Fb credentials there.



  • Hi Guys,


    The basics are most certainly going to work. pulling in the Picture and the status I am sure about. I'll inquire about pulling in additional data like description, interests and the rest to see how easy/difficult it might be to implement.


    I have already mentioned the duplicate wire posts as well as syncing with already existing profiles, so if an email address is already in use, it does not create a new profile. Instead it will sync the users already exisiting profile with facebook so the user can use facebook to sign in if they so require. We might need to further discuss on how the best way to do this might be. Especially with regards to desyncing from Facebook.

    Partial sign-ups is something I had not considered so thanks for bringing that up, I will let the developer know.

    When you mean wall posts, I am assuming you mean the user's "What is on your mind" update? If so, I think that is already working and what will need to be done is to fix the duplicate posts which happens every time you log in.

    Site to be added to facebook's user profile, pushing certain activities to facebook, share content on facebook and integration with kevin's flexiform plugin are additional functionalities I hadn't discussed but hopefully shouldn't be difficult, I'll let you know what the developer thinks.

    As to the costs, I will send you both a PM with how much the developer estimated for the plugin (- these additional functionalities), as well as who the developer is.

  • @tcherokee  Cheers... look forward to a solid Fb functionality... essential these days.

  • same, thanks for your reply and we'll be waiting patiently for your guy's hard work :)

  • @tcherokee,

    I am also interested in this functionality, and had been considering sponsoring work on a plugin for something like:

    RPX ( https://rpxnow.com/get ) which gives you sign in and profile data importing on Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo! and Windows Live ID and a few others - most of which are actually OpenID, with the exception of Facebook; however you get all those with one common interface)


    ClickPass ( http://www.clickpass.com/ ) which also provides a unified interface for Facebook and any OpenID provider with the exception that this uses the OpenID standard, and merely acts as a proxy to make facebook behave like an OpenID provider.

    Clickpass is free with 'powered by' attribution, and so is RPX, but RPX also offers paid levels that don't require attribution, and additional features as well

    I think clickpass is interesting because we could work to improve our existing OpenID plugin and get many providers including facebook...

    At any rate I felt I should share this info with you guys, and either way I'm interested in assisting with the sponsorship of something like this with you guys. Please PM me with details.

    Perhaps we could beat ClickPass and RPX at their own game by adding an OpenID interface in front of facebook connect, and then for the UI side, we could use an open source library like OpenID-Selector: http://code.google.com/p/openid-selector/ or OpenID Real Selector: http://code.google.com/p/openid-realselector/ (which is based on openid-selector but also has full Internationalization suppor, and rather than simply being dependent on Jquery, is implemented as a JQuery plugin)

    Of note is that the developer of the second project has now also joined the first, so they will be working on some kind of merge I imagine.

    These last two projects are only UI enhancements to log in with an OpenID provider... however using clickpass, Facebook becomes an OpenID provider....

    Food for thought.

    P.S. I don't work for clickpass, in fact I'd love to see an open source alternative!

  • any updates about this ? i like to see this plugin on my site and i also would donate some money .