Sort order of pulldown lists

Have just installed the forms plugin ver 0.86 on ELGG install ver 1.7 and now when you create a new field, with field type of pulldown, list your various options and then save, the pulldown list seems to be saved in a completely random order (different to what was entered)?  

Was previously using ver 0.82 (I think?) on ELGG 1.6.1 and didn't have this issue.

Any ideas?

Also, any plans of adding export/import functions to this plugin?  The site I'm currently working on has 350 user profile fields!!!

  • As a very simple example, I wrote a Dutch postal code field and included this in the plugin init:

    if (is_plugin_enabled('form')) {
            form_custom_field_type_manager('dutch_postal_code','Dutch postal code','my_plugin/input/postcode','output/text','my_plugin_validate_postal_code');

    my_plugin_validate_postal_code made sure that it had the correct format.

  • Cool, Kevin. And it is loading from a text file? How does it get the data?

    Maybe someone has already set-up a model for countries, states/regions, cities. It is rather complex, but it would be very cool to get it done through your plugin.

  • Hi Yakiv,

    Sorry - your last question is what I do for paying clients. I've given you the tools but I can't write the code for you.

  • Understood. ...Has anyone else done it, that wouldn't mind contributing a full working example?

  • i also had a problem with sorting order of puldown list and after i have fixed the bug described in 2126 ticket it works for me.

    I'm also interested into a way to get list of countrys and cities fro profile form...

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Form and related plugins

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