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Have just installed the forms plugin ver 0.86 on ELGG install ver 1.7 and now when you create a new field, with field type of pulldown, list your various options and then save, the pulldown list seems to be saved in a completely random order (different to what was entered)?  

Was previously using ver 0.82 (I think?) on ELGG 1.6.1 and didn't have this issue.

Any ideas?

Also, any plans of adding export/import functions to this plugin?  The site I'm currently working on has 350 user profile fields!!!

  • is it possible order by value or label?

  • The only available order is the one you used when you entered the data.

  • Has anyone confirmed that these tickets were actually fixed? Am I understanding correctly, that we want the pulldown menu to automatically (alphabetically) sort the order, no matter what order I enter them in the form builder? I don't see an automatic sorting, when I view the form on the profile. I do see that ticket 2171 seems to be fixed. But I do not see that ticket 2126 is fixed, in relation to the flexprofile plugin. Please confirm. It would save me a lot of time if the items were automatically ordered by alphabet.

  • Yakiv, to quote from above:

    "The only available order is the one you used when you entered the data."

  • Yes, Kevin. Sorry. I did *notice* that after I posted. It didn't catch my attention until afterward. My apologies. ...Is there a way - that you can recommend - to streamline this issue a little bit? It would be nice if it sorted the order upon submission maybe then, or maybe another possibility.

    ...There are a lot of threads here, but very little control over finding content, other than scrolling, clicking, picking through, reading through threads on multiple pages. It's not efficient here at all, in the groups. I wish there was a way to search within the group. ...I say that to ask, is there a thread here dealing with country lists? I would like very much to have a drop down menu with all countries, without having to hand-type all of them. Additionally, if states/oblasts/regions could be autopopulated after choosing a country, that would be great. It's too much to ask of you, Kevin, I realize, but maybe you have an idea or maybe someone else has done it and can suggest an easy method. Thanks!

  • Yakiv,

    There is an interface to define custom field types that (for example) can load data from external files.

    I use that interface to create such field types for my clients and you can too.

    Look at form_custom_field_type_manager in


  • Thank you, Kevin! I'll check it out right away!!

  • Kevin, if you don't mind, do you have a sample of what you have done with it, for me to look at?

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