Register problem

I was hoping someone could tell me what's wrong with this line of code as it pertains to the Customestyle plugin. When I click on the Register button button, I get this error message: 

Fatal error: Call to a member function getObjects() on a non-object in /home/content/l/e/s/lesbionix/html/mod/customstyle/start.php on line 70

And heres line 70 from the
Start.php file"

$customstyle_object = $user->getObjects($metadata_name, 1, 0); line: 70   

This is the rest of that code"

function get_custom_style_from_metadata($user, $metadata_name){
        $returnArray = false;
        $user = get_entity($user);
line: 70    $customstyle_object = $user->getObjects($metadata_name, 1, 0);
        $customConfig = get_metadata_for_entity($customstyle_object[0]->guid);
            foreach($customConfig as $metadataObject){
                $returnArray[$metadataObject['name']] = $metadataObject['value'];
        return $returnArray;       

If I disable the CustomStyle plugin the problem goes away. Any ideas as to what might be the problem? I'd appreciate the help!