After installation of Elgg 1.7 no template is shown


I´m a newbie, but I´ve a problem right after fresh installation of Elgg 1.7 - No default template is shown. Do you know, where could be the problem?


  • Please, do you have any ideas how to help me? I passed the mod_rewrite test and I don´t have any idea what to do now... :-(

  • I can't connect to your web server to see exactly what the problem is, but I'ma assuming it's that the CSS is missing.  Have you checked that your data directory is correct and writable by the server?

  • Hi Brett,

    thank you for your reply. My web server was down, but now it is OK.

    I checked the files and they are OK. I also donwloaded ver. 1.7 again and it is with the same result. Than I downloaded ver. 1.6.1 from somewhere and styl no CSS is working. Maybe there is a server error, but I really don´t know...

  • This is almost definitely a server misconfiguration problem.  Since I'm not familiar with your server, the best thing to do would be to check out the documentation at and go over some of the troubleshooting there...

  • Hi Brett, it seams that the problem is in Safe Mode On. And I can´t do anything because I´m not a server provider. So the possibility of having Elgg on this server has disappeared. Thank you...