Elgg - plugins MIA

Been looking at Elgg, and fwiw, these are plugins its missing for me.

(note: I might have missed one or two. if so, ignore. or info somewhere else here)

Due to lack of finding ways to monetize a community on this platform I'm looking else where but will check back.

Hopefully these suggestions help others for dev direction. Add suggestions for other plugins too.


  1. A way to run ads as CPM. Like on plenty of fish with advertiser admin area.
  2. Banner rotator. (allows bigbox, skyscraper, leaderboard, 125x125, in various locations
  3. I saw facebook connect, google friends and maybe another. consolidating all would be good.
  4. adsense integration?
  5. See plenty of fish, okcupid, and similar for ideas.


Note to Elgg moderators...

Can anyone clean up "uncategorized"? its almost 50% of the total plugins listed.

next to impossible to find anything there unless clicking next for all 60+ pages

you might make adding tags required

just saying...