Search Display and Email Address


When no Data entered in the field on the main search field on upper right, Can we put Jquery Green Message pop ups should say “please enter your search”

Is there anyway we can display all email addresss of all users who are registered in the system in admin panel?

Please help me if anyone can. Waiting for your reply!

  • This is as good as a bug, really!

    EITHER Search shouldn't accept an empty string (as in Joomla or Wordpress), OR the new page should have no "Error" alert (only the reminder "Please enter a query to search"), and the user should get another opportunity to enter a string and choose "All" or something specific from the left-side menu.

    Btw, in Joomla you can easily convert "Search" into a top bar menu item, which will open a page where you can do a global or specific search. Is this possible with Elgg?


    I am sure you can find a plugin for sending e-mail messages to all members. Or am I wrong?


  • There is a plugin on this community called Mass Mailout. That should do fine, I think.


    However, I would also love to take backup of all member-emails in csv. Is it possible?

  • Also, I think this should do -- use the profile manager plugin by Kevin and then export all profile data in CSV.