Default Elgg search not listing Form content


I'm trying to build a community website with Elgg, and I found form was perfect for one of my needs.

I installed, created forms, created sample content, everything worked like a charm, until I tried to search.

The default Elgg search doesn't search through the user content created using Form entries. I've spent days trying to tweak settings, etc, but no luck. I think I'm missing something.

Anyway, I tried installing custom search as a test, and it searches and displays the content well, except it duplicates the page. See here:

The top "half" is using custom search and returns the results I want. The bottom "half" is using Elgg default search, but doesn't return the user content submitted using form.

So two questions:

1. Can I run Form using the built in search in Elgg? I rather like the default search system in Elgg.

2. If not, is there a workaround using another search system?

Any help is very highly appreciated.


Form and related plugins

Form and related plugins

User-generated content, flexible user and group profiles, registration forms, custom file forms