Default Elgg search not listing Form content


I'm trying to build a community website with Elgg, and I found form was perfect for one of my needs.

I installed, created forms, created sample content, everything worked like a charm, until I tried to search.

The default Elgg search doesn't search through the user content created using Form entries. I've spent days trying to tweak settings, etc, but no luck. I think I'm missing something.

Anyway, I tried installing custom search as a test, and it searches and displays the content well, except it duplicates the page. See here:

The top "half" is using custom search and returns the results I want. The bottom "half" is using Elgg default search, but doesn't return the user content submitted using form.

So two questions:

1. Can I run Form using the built in search in Elgg? I rather like the default search system in Elgg.

2. If not, is there a workaround using another search system?

Any help is very highly appreciated.


  • Kevin would you be able to help at all ? I'm really lost lol I can not even return exact matches. Any advice would be great.

    I am not able to return searches on any kind except for if I change profile field to a tag, and click on the link directly. But I am trying to get the search results to appear in Elggs default search.

    I read in the Elgg search readme that metadata is not searched so I assume we have registered a hook ( register_plugin_hook('usersettings:save','user','form_user_settings_save'); ???) but I can not see where we return the results.

  • On a seperate note, for a search definition, I have set the access to public. Is it possible to let ALL otherusers on the site use this search from. and have the menu link appear in their tools and not just mine ?

  • how to d i add replace profile field with integration to search functionality default in elgg 1.7.7

  • Hello,

    I have Elgg 1.7.5 and Form and related plugins 0.87. The default Elgg search doesn't search through the profile content created with flexprofile, i guess same thing then Solomon King...

    First i am wondering if there is a new version of the plugin that makes the profile field searchable. And otherwise, can I use the quick fix of adding fields with the internal names "title" or "description" you talked about in this discussion, although I don't really understand what i have to do : add one field in the profile form with an internal name "title" or "description, or every fields need to have their internal name "title" or "description" ?

    Sorry for the confusion... Any information and help would be appreciated.

    Thank you

  • I am trying to make the profile fields searchable with no success (Elgg 1.7.5 and Form and related plugins 0.87)...

    what is the quick fix that worked for you Solomon King ?

    what do you mean by adding fields with the internal names "title" or "description" ?

    thank you for your help

  • Hello,

    if i understand correctly, the latest version of the plugin fixed the problem of searchable content. Is it correct ?

    However, should it work for content that was already entered in a flex profile form ?
    If not, how to fix it ? Because for me it doesn't work !!!

    Thanks for your work and reactivity.


  • Hi StB, yes the problem is fixed so far as I know, but it may be that the fix has not yet made it into the version in the plugin repository. Currently I'm working on completely rewriting the plugin for Elgg 1.8 but I'll see if I can find sometime soon to upload my latest version of the old code.

  • Hello Kevin,

    I've checked and i got the latest zip file (0.87), and it doesn't work, so i think this version seems not to have your lastest version of code !

    Thanks a lot to keep me informed when you gonna upload a version with the old code.

    Thanks for your work and reactivity again.

  • Hello Kevin,
    any news about your soon upload of your latest version of the old code?

    Thanks for your answers and your precious time to do this task.

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Form and related plugins

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