Default Elgg search not listing Form content


I'm trying to build a community website with Elgg, and I found form was perfect for one of my needs.

I installed, created forms, created sample content, everything worked like a charm, until I tried to search.

The default Elgg search doesn't search through the user content created using Form entries. I've spent days trying to tweak settings, etc, but no luck. I think I'm missing something.

Anyway, I tried installing custom search as a test, and it searches and displays the content well, except it duplicates the page. See here:

The top "half" is using custom search and returns the results I want. The bottom "half" is using Elgg default search, but doesn't return the user content submitted using form.

So two questions:

1. Can I run Form using the built in search in Elgg? I rather like the default search system in Elgg.

2. If not, is there a workaround using another search system?

Any help is very highly appreciated.


  • Yes, I agree that this is not very clear.

    If you look in the form plugin settings, the second option is:

    Add user content option on Elgg search page

    Turn that on and your content should appear in search results under Elgg 1.7.

    Many people don't create custom content, which is why that option is turned off by default.

    I will phrase that more clearly in the next release.

  • Hello Kevin. Thanks for the fast response. I've turned on the "Add user content" option and still getting the same issue. No search results for the user content.

    I'm noticing also that when I go to the "User Content" link I created, it shows the form title, but doesn't show the user content until you click the "View all".

    I'd assume the default behaviour would be to list the user's content. If that's so, perhaps it's a pointer to what could be wrong?

  • I can reproduce your search problem. Elgg 1.7 introduced a new search system and this is obviously causing some issues for searching custom content.

    Thanks for pointing out the problem.

    I am looking for a fix now.

  • I see now that the Elgg 1.7 search system has in fact changed quite radically (for the better I would say).

    I'll include the fix in my next release which should be next week.

    This will add a "searchable" attribute for each field.

    Right now, as a quick fix you could add fields with the internal names "title" or "description".

    They should turn up in search results.

  • Hello Kevin, sorry for the late response. Yes, I am running Elgg 1.7.

    And thank you for looking into this. I'll await your response.

  • The quick fix works like a charm. Thanks!

  • Hey Kevin,


    Firstly, great plugins ! Keep up the good work !

    Ok So I am running 1.7 and have all the plugins etc working great. I can search on data using search definitions. However how can I search the profile data using the elgg global search. I have turned on the user content option but nothing is returned. Any suggestions ?

    Thanks in advance :)

  • Full text search will be supported for user profiles and custom forms in the next release.

  • Hi Kevin,

    Thanks :) However even when I search an exact match I get no results returned. Could you point me to the right file where I can modify the SQL myself ?

    Thanks Again :)

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Form and related plugins

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