Add new profile fields to registration


I am using Site Access 2.6 for my registration:

I would like to add profile fields to the registration form such as "Interests" and "Skills". These fields are in my sites profile as options when in "edit profile".  Site Access 2.6 extends the registration.php view to another php page where I have added new fields for "Interests" and "Skills", but when I register the fields are empty for the user.
I have looked over a few plug-ins that do similar things but they all use register_user() and that does not have anything for extra profile fields.

Any thoughts and suggestions would be much appreciated


  • Been trying a lot of things, this is what I have so far:

    1) In the siteaccess/registration.php page I added a few of these lines, each with different name.
    $form_body .= "<p><label>" . elgg_echo('description') . "<br />" . elgg_view('input/text' , array('internalname' => 'description', 'class' => "general-textarea", 'value' => $description)) . "</label><br />";

    2) It then seems the code calls actions/register.php in the root of the site. Inside of the file the variables are grabbed from the form and put into this method:

    Obviously there is no room for another variable so how is this supposed to be done? I feel like I could edit the core file but that seems like a bad idea. So should I update the new user’s data right after they are created? If so, how do I update a user's metadata?


  • How about using form plugin ?

  • I did some digging in the plugins, can't seem to find what you are driving at. Can you be a little more specific?



  • Form plugin from Kevin provides registration form feature that might suits your needs. But I don't know if both plugins (siteaccess & form) works together.


  • Thanks, the plugin seemed to be ovekill for my needs but your right - it looks like it has some options I need. I will take a look.