Elgg 1.7 fresh install. Only admin user can log in.

Elgg newbie.  I have an A2 Hosting site recommended by elgg.  I have successfully installed elgg to "mysite.com/elgg" but only the admin user I initially setup can login.  I registered two test users and can see both in the database.   However when I try to log those test users in via any browser the site posts back to the login without being logged in.  There are a few other quirks too... for example when I log in the admin user and configure my profile page.. it saves.. but I have to reconfigre it if I logout/back in.   I'm guessing they're related.


But my big concern to start is why can't regular users log in?  

Additional notes: I enabled all default plugins when I first logged in.  I have since disabled them all.  I get the same behavior either way.  

There is no response other than an obvious reload when I attempt test user logins... even with intentional wrong passwords.   If I try a garbage user name... I will at least get a red warning message "We couldn't log you in..."

Any ideas?  Thanks in advance.

  • Hi everyone!!!

    I have the same problem but I couldn't fix it! I thought i have found the problem in the next lines in the file /actions/register.php, I commented them, but it doesn't work anyway:

                // Send user validation request on register only
                //global $registering_admin;
                if (!$registering_admin) {

                if (!$new_user->admin) {
                    // Now disable if not an admin
                    // Don't do a recursive disable.  Any entities owned by the user at this point
                    // are products of plugins that hook into create user and might need
                    // access to the entities.
                    $new_user->disable('new_user', false);

    So... does anyone have any solution?

    Thanks! Jesus

  • Above; I thought that the problem was because the User Entity created was disabled (and I could see that state in the DB table entities [enabled='no']). When I commented those lines, I saw the new value in that table entities [enabled='yes']. But it doesn't work anyway.

    I try to register a new user. It does it correctly (and I can see the new user in the DB). And I have disabled all the plugins (included emailValidation). So, when I try to log in, it does nothing and it comes back to the same initial webpage to log in.

    So... does anyone have any solution?

    Thanks! Jesus


  • This sort of thing usually happens to people who have deactivated the uservalidationbyemail plugin.

    If you have turned that off and have nothing to replace it with (ie another validation plugin), then your users will have no way to validate their accounts and so cannot login.

    This may not explain the original poster's problem, however.

    JesusGC, Elgg has bugs, but not in such a visible piece of code as the register action so far as I know.

  • Hi Kevin!!

    Do you know if it is possible to register a new user without validating his registration????

    I just want that they fill in the registration form and be able to log in (without any validation).

    Thanks! Jesus

  • @ Jesus, You can use the site access pluggin and turn on the instant acativation.

  • @balebond - Kevin's advice applies too. Did you validate the users after registration? If you can login as an admin, use the users interface to create a new user without needing to validate if you don't have email set up.

    The other bugs are a bit odd.  Can you confirm in the database that changes are saved correctly before logging out?

  • Thanks for the replies everybody.   I must have somehow not had all the plugins enabled that I thought I had... even though I clicked the "Enable All".   After making sure the the validate by email feature was enabled I set up another test account and was able to log in.   I never received emails to validate the previous test accounts.

    I'll have to follow up with the other "bugs" to make sure there isn't any other "user error" involved.