Elgg 1.7 - No images

Hello Everyone!

I'm new with Elgg and this is my first post here.

I've installeg Elgg 1.7 and trying to do my first sommunity site: ibornholm.com

There were all OK until I've uploaded admin's photo for avatar. Now there are no pictures at all (except one in the background).

I don't know where to start looking for problem.



  • Your server is sending a 500 error when trying to access icons.  Do you have gdlib installed and enabled for PHP?  Also, if you edit the .htaccess file and change the line:

    php_value display_errors 0


    php_value display_errors 1

    It will output the actual error that PHP is having to help debug.

  • I've changed this line in .htacces

    I can't check this gdlib now, but I've also installed on the same server elgg 1.6.1 for test purpose and it is working:


  • One of your PHP files is sending a UTF8 BOM character.  The non-binary pages can handle this fine in the browser, but images and other binary files can't.  Have you used a Windows machine to edit any of the files?  I know Notepad will mess up PHP files with UTF8 strings, but I'm not sure what Windows editors are best.  There's a good bit of info on this site and Google and how to deal with BOM characters.  Unfortunately, it can be a bit of a hunt to find which file it is :-/

  • Thanx for clue. Fortunately I know which file I've saved in Notepad. And fortunately this was only one file - polish translation. I have removed it and now images works fine. Thank You again. You are the best! :-)