what do you think of my own riverdashboard?


this is my OWN customization, i didn't use fusion's script or anything. everything is mostly 1.7 elgg default. all i did was just add some css into it. it's not done yet so i'm still doin some tweaks here and there! and yes the wire works when you post into it.

  • Cim

    Really beutiful the wayyou have designed. nice colour theme. Is there any way you are going to make this as a theme / Mod? Thanks

  • on peut avoir se thème avec les modification en mod  svp ?

  • @mr. achiever i sent you a message

    @eguru i will think about it

    @sookool english please?

    so anyways guys i changed my 3 riverdashboard into 2 columns now and switched the positions. check it out. also the front page has been altered dramatically. so what do you guys think?

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    also who wants me to change my old theme into a plugin for the community?

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  • @cim... Hellooo :)

    Being  a fan of your designs,,  up goes my hand for your theme :)

    please offer the community your stylish theme :)

    So all who wants that theme follow in and vote here :)


    HaPPy ElGGinG :)

    Do GooD :)

    As we enjoy great advantages from inventions of others, we should be glad of an opportunity to serve others by any invention of ours; and this we should do freely and generously.
    - Benjamin Franklin

  • @jaxcatz i will make my old blue theme with the 3 columns on the dashboard as a plugin

  • it may be subject to the modification mod please?

  • @cim :)

    Nice :)

    much appreciated and awaiting :)


    HaPPy ElGGinG :)

    Do GooD :)

  • @cim i also wants ur old theme as a plugin!!!

  • @cim Me too: I'm dying to have a three column dashboard that workd and aligns properly in all navigators.

    Does yours have any IE issues?

  • @Cim I'm trying to learn from your work, in order to bring back the Wire into the Riverdashboard, but I can't understand your previous suggestion about it, especially where I should post this code:

    $wire_user = get_input('wire_username');
                    if (!empty($wire_user)) { $msg = '@' . $wire_user . ' '; } else { $msg = ''; }


    I managed to add the Wire to the default Elgg theme just by adding:

    //set a view for the wire
                $body .= elgg_view("thewire/forms/add");

    to /mod/riverdashboard/index.php

    But I am stuck, as when users press 'Save', they are re-directed to the Wire homepage, instead than to the riverdashboard. how could I change this? thanks!