1.7 Tokens: Going to another page before the page has finished loading causes the token error message to appear

I was wondering if this was a known issue.

If I go to a page then click a link/button there to go to another page before it finishes loading, the "Form is missing __token or __ts fields" error is shown.

If it is, is there a known fix/workaround to it?

You can test this on the user settings page. Go to Account Statistics then click the Change Your Settings link immediately when it shows up.

Btw, I'm testing this on a WinXP XAMPP setup.


  • I'm also using a WinXP XAMPP setup and I can't reproduce this.

    I also tried it with the plugins page, which takes longer to load.

    Clicking on the Settings link before these pages are loaded does not give me an error.

  • Could it be with my machine?

    I'm using a (really, REALLY) old PC with Dual Core Pentium 2.8Ghz, 2GB ram. 

    Anyone else with similar setups?

    Edit: Plugins -> Settings gives me the error too.