302 Moved Temporarily status aftet Form submit


I have been developing a view with a form that posts some data with the corresponding action that udpates the database with the data, pretty straighforward.  However, I've noticed that the status of the action is never 200OK, but always 302 Moved Temporarily.  This happens regardless of whether I use ajax or not and regardless of whether the action is "get" or "post".  The action does get executed, the database is updated, but the status is always "302".  After struggling with this for a while, I've started looking at how other forms are implemented in elgg and realized that all forms that I saw so far return the same status on submit! It includes logging in, updating the profile, all the most basic forms in elgg!  Despite this, my site seems to be functioning ok.  The only reason I noticed this to begin with is because my form used ajax and since the action never returned the 200 OK success status, I could never execute whatever I needed to be executed when the ajax completes its action.

Any ideas how to investigate this??