Elgg bottom bar


I'm a Noob to Elgg. Just trying to get my feet wet and setup a facebook style instant chat. I found the bottom bar plugin and have successfully installed it. However, when I try a chat with a colleague who is on my friends list and I'm on his the messages that we send between each other don't appear anywhere.

Any ideas?



  • 1) How can i remove all tab from bottom bar , I mean I need only friends update notification.

    2)  Second smiley are not shown ,So how can i show option to add smiley in chat .

    3) how can i remove logo from left side.

    please me to resolve these issues.



  • @sean: Personally, I had nothing but problems with the Bottom Bar.  It worked sometimes, but not others.  The other problems is that it uses a lot of CPU, so if you don't have a dedicated server, you may run into problems with your host company.

    @ghumanz Not sure about the first two, but you can easily change the logo via settings under Tool Administration.  You'll need to upload your own logo to the directory indicated.