Installation trouble

My install is currently using 'localhost' as the site name in all URLs; great if I'm on the local machine, not so great if I'm on anything else.  I haven't been able to find where this configuration option is stored -- help?




  • there are two places you can change this.

    under the admnistration tools, choose Site Administration

    or you can go directly to your database and find the same information on the elggsites_entity table

  • sites_entity is what I was looking for -- thanks!


    Must have not been thinking when I configured it initially, since I didn't have this trouble last time around.  Duh.

  • Hello. I have installed ELGG and it works great. My only issue is when I try to "replace profile fields". WHen I enter a word and click save, i get a 404 error. That is the only issue I am having right now. What would cause that?

  • Hello, i want to try elgg, but i have trouble in installation. when i make database in phpmyadmin i must create table database and number of fields. how many fields that i must create & what name i must give to table database? can you give me an example? thx

  • Hi

    I just finished installing elgg, let me say that (Besides the .htaccess default file that I had to delete) installation was really easy, the first registration step is nice, the second page for tools management is also perfect. So congrats, the installation experience is great and I have several years installing online software.

    My only problem is that the site name is in spanish "Desactívala", and the í is not being showed, it is a charset problem, I need to know the best way to solve it.


  • Hi

    Here is another problem I found. When configuring the tools, I activated river as default dashboard and using the "Configure" link I set it as the default, and after that no matter which page I go I get "river is a misconfigured plugin."


  • Last problem solved too, when moving the spanish language pack that includes translated mods to the elgg path, it created some modules folders with just the language subdir, so two of them failed (river and updateclien), once deleted the problem dissapear.


  • I just started an install. using Cpanel I set up my database, un, and pw. I know I entered this info correctly using the Cpanel un_database and all. Still getting a "couldn't select database" error. What am I missing?

  • Hello,

    i have the same question as waragham asked already:

    when i create the table database with phpmyadmin, how many fields i have to create?