Riverdashboard with widgets?


I have been searching for an answer to this all day but haven't found one yet. Is it possible to add widgets to the left column of the riverdashboard? Mine has "Recent Members" on the left hand site but that is all. I would like to be able to have the bookmarks, friends, group widgets there. I also noticed on the elgg.org homepage the screen shot shows a New Wire Post widget on the riverdashboard. This is also something I would like to add to my dashboard.

I was hoping I would be able to find a plugin or something that extends the functionality of the riverdashboard.

Thanks in advance for any advice!

  • Good question, i was trying to edit some css, but the structure of elgg is not very simple. Any help?

  • Yeah, it s kind of weird, you can have widgets on dashboard, but after turning riverdashboard they disapears and you have to modify the code to organize this page the way you like. It is really problematic and i don t understand the idea.

    Iknow there are several mod which can do it for and slow down my page, but o don t understand the general concept. Anyone from dev team could explain it????

  • 1) There are available plugins that pull the wire into the dashboard on this community. Have a search for them.

    2) No one has developed (publicly) a riverdashboard with widgets yet. You would need to create a new layout that could handle this. While not amazingly difficult it would take time. Most devs on here could do it, but the cost might be a little high.

    3) There are other ways of doing it without widgets, but it's not very elggish. I've managed to get drag & drop widget style boxes onto my riverdashboard left column before. 

  • I have some plans to give this funtionality to iShouvik Riverdashboard. But, as I am very busy with my exams these days, it will take some time.



  • I have widgets but with shouvik's riverdashboard. I edited the advert.php and grabbed the code of the widget that I want to display in the dashboard and pasted there.

    Rodolfo Hernandez
    Arvixe/elgg Community Liaison

  • hola que tal un amigo y yo hicimos algo parecido y los apoyo por que es algo esencial y todo depende del gusto puedes agregarlo bien sea en la columna izquierada o derecha y debes saber que wigedt quieres añadir, aparte de eso tienes que que ver que riverdashboard tienes por que generalmente tienen distintas formas de programar, la idea es sencilla buscas el archivo que contiene la columna en particular y te vas al widget que quieres que alli salga del archivo view copias el contenido y listo,esa es la manera facil, sin embargo me fije que cuando tienes muchos widget pone lenta la aplicacion,saludos.

    hi such a friend and I did something similar and support that is essential and all depends on the taste you can add either the right or left position column and know that wigedtwant to add, other than that you need to do that riverdashboard that you usually havedifferent ways of programming, the idea is simple look for the file that contains theparticular column and go to the widget you want out there view file copies the contentsand ready, that's the easy way, however I noticed that when you have many slow theapplication widget set, Greetings.

  • Actually, I was talking about customisable dashboard widgets by the members; like the profile page ...

  • i think it s sick, everyone who use riverdashboard need to customize it! Because is not possible  we have to add unnecesary modules or  hack the code  by ourself as Shouvik did. Plus river by Gabrel is flexible also and has widgets.

    Having widgets should be on option in official riverdashboard. You could turn it off if you r happy just with sitemessage block next to the river. i m very confused about those elgg mainpages, custom mainpages with and without widgets ... very messy. Let s start discusion about new official riverdashoboard and list here our needs.

    my needs 

    1. widgets

    2. wire over the river

    3. switch beetwen 2 and 3 columns.

  • @martinez Maybe you should give yourself some time to get familiar with Elgg. You don't have to customise your dashboard or "hack" it if there is any existing plugin.

    By the way, did you know that there already is a widgetised dashboard which comes with the core plugins? Just navigation to Plugin Administration page, click the link 'Settings' beside the riverdashgoard module, set Replace the default dashboard with this activity river? to no viola!

    But, we are thinking of a more advaneed way for the widgetisation.

  • I  think you just missunderstood me... I know how to edit my page and turn on the widgets when the activity river is desactivated,  but most of us are using river activity. Unfortunatlelly once you set it on, the edit page button disapear and there are only two default widgets on the left side: site messages and recent members. You turn on the blog and the blog widget will not apear on you page VIOLA! So here we start hacking.... Am i wrong?