Problems send e-mails of registrations

I'm having problems sending e-mail confirming the registration of new users when they register with an e-mail in my hosting server, the elgg sends the email correctly, but when do I register with an e-mail out of my server (gmail, yahoo) the elgg does not send the e-mail confirmation of registration.
Does anyone have any idea how to solve this problem?

  • Hello tiago

    I have same problem too , email not sent to yahoo and Gmail new members !!!

  • How is this an Elgg problem? If some, but not all emails are delivered, it sounds like your server is having spam filter issues?

  • Kevin is right not an Elgg issue, it is likely an issue of reverse DNS on your server. Do you have this configured? Reverse DNS is when your IP points back at the domain, so my IP reverses to Your server needs to have a static IP address and support reverse DNS, many providers will block the email if it comes from an IP without proper reverse DNS.

    Hope this helps!