The Wire not posting to front not logged in page 1.7

Hi, I've noticed that after upgrading to Elgg 1.7 The Wire no longer publishes public posts to the front non logged in page, I'm using the same code which is included below, anyone know whats going on?

        $thewire = list_entities('object','thewire',0,2,false, false, false);
echo $thewire;

Cheers for any info in advance

  • That works fine for me using the latest from the 1.7 branch. There have been about 10 bugs fixed since 1.7 and you can grab the latest from

    Typical caveat about using the latest from svn (test, test, test before using on production site)

  • Strangely enough the code still works for me on my test site ... so why not on my production ? Very odd

    Could it be to do with the order the plugins are placed ? as thats the only difference I can think of.

    Also is there a list of the 10 new fixes since 1.7 release ? a quick way of finding them in the Trac

  • For the wire posts....I'm not sure.  Could you try changing the order of plugins on your production site to match your test site and let us know if that helps?

    For the 1.7 bug fixes, check out the roadmap on trac:

    1.7.1 is the milestone you'll be interested in.

  • I reordered all the plugins the same as my test server, still no push of wire posts to the non logged in page, very odd

    Any other ideas ?

  • My Wire isnt marking posts as Public, even though thats the setting within the account... I know this by going to my profile when I'm logged off and the message on there is marked as posted 102 days ago.

    When I'm logged in and check my Profile it says the latest message was posted at some point today.

    How can I make sure that my Wire post are receiving the Public setting, from 'Settings' ?

  • The problem has now gone, after switching several features in the interface on and off, I think it was down to one of the following :

    Turning off : Enable this to have user logins performed over HTTPS. You will need to have https enabled on your server for this to work.

    Or clearing out the 3 log files :




    They had gotten stupidly large, prehaps time to set them to rolling logs.

    Anyway, hope these mad rants help someone somewhere.