[Design] Rounded corners


A fairly minor issue, but has anyone else noticed the lovely rounded corners only work on non-IE browsers?

Sadly the predominant browser is still IE, so I have to cater to this - anyone got an idea why it's not working in IE before I give it a bash myself?


  • That's a shame - anyone know if IE8 is any better with it?

    I guess I'll try one of the other ways.

    Thanks Alfalive.

  • I replaced it with jQuery Corner, but it requires some work.

  • @Sean:

    IE8 also does not show rounded corners : (

  • Has anybody been able to implement the rounded corners in IE using a fix like Curvy Corners, jQuery or something else that he/she is willing to share? I really like the rounded corners design and unfortunately most users still browse with IE.

  • @ M.R.A.  I've looked at it myself. Drives me NUTS. CurvyCorners has an issue with borders disappearing when you've got a parent div (and everything has a parent in the elgg code). Any js solution is going to require a ton of work editing all the actual divs spread over the entire source. The best solution would appear to be using "behavior: url(somefile.htc)" and doing it all in the css.php files. However, I've never been able to get this to work, which I believe is because the htc file has to be in the same directory as the css file, but elgg uses a cache for css. Or something. I don't know, I could never get it to work (and I tried for about a week). I still haven't given up quite yet.

  • IE9 will apparently have excellent CSS3/HTML5 support. I realize that's not a solution.. but there is some hope yet at least. 

  • @obijohn

    It is in the comments that says that it doesn;t support nested DIV's but a commenter posted a fix to this. I've tried it on a basic HTML example page, not an Elgg page and it seems to work. Also the behavior:url(path to .htc) is not loaded in relation to the CSS where it was added but relative to the page it is used on. So don't use relative paths at all, only absolute paths. This is as far as I've gotten but I'm also not giving up just yet.

  • For IE9 (and recent Opera versions too): it works with "border-radius" (and a few other tags for only specific corners) in CSS files. I've added these CSS3 tags in the core CSS file and the plugins CSS files in addition to the webkit-border-radius/moz-border-radius tags. As IE9 is not too far away anyway from being released it's at least a solution that will work soon.

  • @iionly

    Waiting for IE9 is not a solution at all. Yes, for those users that upgrade the round css3 borders will finally work (notice the first post in this thread is almost 2 years old!). But heres the sad truth: IE8 has been out for over a year and it still only accounts for around 55% of total IE users. A lot of Windows users just never seem to upgrade for some reason or another. 15% of IE users are still on IE6, which amazingly accounts for more total users than all versions of Safari combined and is twice the number of all Opera users.