Email sending doesn't work

Hi ppl,

My elgg doesn't send emails. It sounds strange because it's running on my own server wich can send emails from phpbb. The mail server is Postfix and php.ini is well configured, any suggestion?

Tnx :)

  • Also having this problem, and for me it was introduced in v1.1.  Users can't register because the validation email is never sent.  Some response from the mods on this would be great.

  • I am also having the same problem with a fresh install of v1.1 on runnig on our own server.  Any suggestion gratefully received!

  • Also having problems with email notification. Forgot password function is not sending email with new password.

  • *sigh* seems no higher ups can post about the topic..


    Someone out there with some better knowledge of the issue must know a fix..

  • This is what you are looking for..Read the description and you will get the idea. It overrides the default elgg email notification handler.

    In the admin tools administration panel, click 'more info' and you will get the place to set the SMTP server.

    view link

  • SMTP server mod wont work till you get the initial email sending problem solved.

    The fix is to set the admin's email to an email on your LOCAL EMAIL SERVER.

    in other words... if your elgg is at then you MUST make your email address

    So that means you've got to make that email account on your server first.


  • Have been running Elgg 8.13 since it came out and the Notifications has never worked. Have tried all the various other email sending and notification plugins and had quite a bit of correspondence here. I think it's the main reason my site has never really taken off. Finding time to upgrade would be difficult for me at this point. Disappointed as Elgg is otherwise a fabulous platform. Nobody ever suggested a cron for Notifications so I never wrote one - maybe it needs one!


  • Today I downloaded "Message Queue plugin for Elgg 1.8" and added a five minute cronjob on my server. Eureka! So far the email notifications are actually working and being received by my test members. Don't understand why three years ago there was no mention anywhere in the documentation about a cron for the notifications 1.7 plugin. Guess that's why it has only worked very sparodicaly till now!

    I also took manufacturers china's advice and changed my site address in the admin panel to ELGG@my domain, so maybe that has helped too, though it does look rather odd in the email message headers.

  • Turns out Messages Que plugin didn't really do the trick as it only worked a couple of times out of many tests. What did work was finding a fairly recent post (which I can't relocate!) about the plugin version number being wrong in the 1.8.13 release of Elgg. So I changed it in the manifest (from 1.7 to 1.8) and voila! - notifications is now working perfectly. Amazing that such a tiny thing could have screwed up the plugin for three years on my site.

    I remember that when 1.8.13 was current there were a fair number of people having problems sending email notifications but nobody ever mentioned nor was there any documentation relating to the version number in the manifest.Hopefully traffic will now improve so I don't have to scrap my site at end of year as previously planned!